Special Offer from Think Tank

Regular readers know that I am big fan of the bags from the folks at Think Tank.

My friends at Think Tank Photo, who are celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary, just announced a special offer.  Whenever you order one of their Urban Disguise Shoulder bags between now and May 15th you will receive a Shoulder Harness V2.0 backpack harness by mail for free.  This harness is pretty amazing for it easily converts your shoulder bag into a backpack.  It’s great for freeing up your hands to sprint through airports for flights, for example.  To partake of this special offer, simply order the Urban Disguise bag of your choice and download and submit the online form.  Think Tank will ship your new harness right out.  And, don’t forget that by using my special URL you will receive a free gift from Think Tank with your order as well as free shipping.


REVIEW : Nikon swings for the fence with the D7200

Nikon has been busy.  Not only have they been building a string of successful full frame cameras, they’ve been pushing hard in the crop sensor space with the new D7200.  While there has yet to be a successor to the D300S, Nikon has not dropped the ball at all.  How can I say this?  Read on… Continue reading REVIEW : Nikon swings for the fence with the D7200

Canon Punches at 4K

Canon’s EOS Cinema lineup has up to now had one 4K solution, the C500.  Brilliant but pricey piece of kit, where other video camera manufacturers have been pushing harder sooner.  Blackmagic Design has the URSA and Sony has the killer PSW-FS7 but both came in at a lower cost than the C500.  Canon has announced two new cameras, and a new recording format to try to establish a leg up in 4K. Continue reading Canon Punches at 4K

Unabashed Plug – John G Moore B&W Lightroom Presets

Last year I started following this photographer from Glasgow by name of John G Moore.  I like his work.  In addition to his work with people, he does some fabulous landscape work and he tends to post these as black and white images.

Since then, we’ve communicated back and forth and I am unabashedly giving my friend John’s Lightroom Presets a push to my readers.  There are 30 BW presets in the kit, it sells for nine pounds ninety nine via PayPal and the stuff is great.  John recommends you do all your edits before applying the presets, and you can of course still tweak after that if so inclined.  It’s Lightroom after all.

If you like making black and white images, and want to accelerate your work with excellent presets head over to John’s website and purchase the package.  Here’s an example of an image of Kettle Lake near Caledon Ontario using John’s Anselmo-2 preset.

Kettle Lake JGM Anselmo 2

I Don’t Think My Lens is Sharp…now what?

My recent post on microshake and micro blur has generated a lot of very positive feedback and I thank folks for their grace and courtesy.  This article discusses steps to take when you’ve done all you can and believe that the issue is the combination of lens and camera.  It get’s a little deep, so be brave and read on… Continue reading I Don’t Think My Lens is Sharp…now what?

But It Looked Great on the Camera LCD…

It happened again this week.  A former student sent me an email, “I should give up or get a different camera.  Everything looked great on the LCD but when I got the pictures into Lightroom they weren’t tack sharp.  I don’t know what I am doing wrong and it’s making me depressed.”

We’ve all been there.  Let’s look at getting to a happier place. Continue reading But It Looked Great on the Camera LCD…

The Value Proposition of Luminosity Masks

We hear a lot about using luminosity masks.  I hear the term thrown around a lot, but when I dig in, folks often understand that they are great tools, but don’t know where they come from, what one can do with them and how to make them.  In fact, I have encountered nice people who are paying $$ for Photoshop actions that make luminosity masks.  Ok.  I’m going to teach you to make your own as well. Continue reading The Value Proposition of Luminosity Masks

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