The Scintilla of Difference

I was recently watching a session with one of my personal favourite instructors and photographers, Mr. Joe McNally, and he used this phrase in part of his discourse.  He described it as the difference that sets your work apart from all the other folks doing something very similar.   As he often does, a word from Joe prompts me to think deeply about a concept.  Want to learn all about this? Continue reading

X-T1 Review-235

First Look – Fujifilm X-T1

X-T1 Review-235Fujifilm is really pressing hard on the mirror less space and continues to evolve their offerings into highly viable choices.  They’ve also moved from a “cosmetics” first approach and are really hitting their stride in serious evolutionary approaches.  The X-T1 is the latest in their stable (at time of writing) and is, in my opinion, a real game changer, not just because of the body, but because of the increased focus on high performance glass.   Continue reading

Creative Cloud for Photographers 2014 – What’s the Hubbub Bub?

This week Adobe pulled an Apple-esque keynote presentation to show what they are doing for Creative Cloud 2014.  (Ok not really – Apple knows how to do these, Adobe is working on it)  There’s all manner of dev stuff and mobile dev stuff but photographers really want to know what’s in the update for them.  Ok, follow along gentle reader, and I shall try to synopsize…. Continue reading

Removing the Creative Blockage

We’ve all been there as artists and creatives.  The place where nothing seems to work, where we feel stalled, stuck and perhaps even contemplating moving on to another interest.  I’ve been there as a photographer, a musician, as an archer, and am there now as a videographer.  It’s not the end but it is cusp or inflection point, so I thought I would share how you can get past this point and grow again. Continue reading

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