I Don’t Think My Lens is Sharp…now what?

My recent post on microshake and micro blur has generated a lot of very positive feedback and I thank folks for their grace and courtesy.  This article discusses steps to take when you’ve done all you can and believe that the issue is the combination of lens and camera.  It get’s a little deep, so be brave and read on… Continue reading I Don’t Think My Lens is Sharp…now what?

But It Looked Great on the Camera LCD…

It happened again this week.  A former student sent me an email, “I should give up or get a different camera.  Everything looked great on the LCD but when I got the pictures into Lightroom they weren’t tack sharp.  I don’t know what I am doing wrong and it’s making me depressed.”

We’ve all been there.  Let’s look at getting to a happier place. Continue reading But It Looked Great on the Camera LCD…

The Value Proposition of Luminosity Masks

We hear a lot about using luminosity masks.  I hear the term thrown around a lot, but when I dig in, folks often understand that they are great tools, but don’t know where they come from, what one can do with them and how to make them.  In fact, I have encountered nice people who are paying $$ for Photoshop actions that make luminosity masks.  Ok.  I’m going to teach you to make your own as well. Continue reading The Value Proposition of Luminosity Masks

The Profoto B2 Off Camera Flash

Last year, I made the shift in battery powered strobes to the Profoto B1 system including the TTLc remote control.  Of course it does more than TTL, you have full manual control and access to the incredible assortment of Profoto light shaping tools.  Reviewers around the world loved the system and pros such as Joe McNally, Dixie Dixon and Tamara Lackey have moved to the Profoto system from alternatives.  Recently, Profoto announced a smaller lighter battery powered strobe called the B2.  I want it.  Let me explain why. Continue reading The Profoto B2 Off Camera Flash

The Perfect Pocket Camera?

I’ve been on this quest for the perfect small / pocket camera.  There is nothing wrong with any of the cameras that I own.  There’s really nothing wrong with the iPhone 6+ either for that matter.  So why this quest?  I want more flexibility and quality than I can get out of the iPhone, I prefer to shoot RAW, and I don’t care for what happens with digital zoom in the iPhone.   Continue reading The Perfect Pocket Camera?

Picking a Full Frame Camera from Nikon

The good folks at Nikon Canada have provided me a D750 for evaluation.  The D750 is the long awaited successor to the proven and well loved D700.  It’s not the only Nikon full frame of course.  There are the D610, the D810, the D810A, the D3X, the D4 and the D4S.  And of course, one of my personal favourites, the DF.  With so many excellent full frame Nikons to choose from, what makes the D750 such a solid choice and why would you pick it over one of the others? Continue reading Picking a Full Frame Camera from Nikon

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